Case Study

The Infinity Group : Swisse Bay Trial

problem overview

RAPIDtech Solutions was recently approached by The Infinity Group, the owner of a Priceline Pharmacy store in Queensland who was looking for a solution to his current paper-based shelf labeling system. Currently within the Priceline Group, store owners are required to change paper shelf labels every time a new catalogue is released each fortnight with the new in-store promotions. This is a huge task for the large stores as the shelf label changeover is laborious and therefore very expensive.  Priceline is in need of a solution to save valuable business hours and money.

Understandably, store owners have to struggle with limited human and financial resources, which must be maximized to enhance the stores’ revenue generation capabilities. One way to increase sales is to manually place paper-based pricing tickets on shelves, this process is quite labor intensive which cuts the profit of the stores. Based on the study conducted by administering questionnaires to the owners of three stores, the following data was obtained (averages for the data provided as a range is used to facilitate comparison).

When asked about how much time they spend on placing paper pricing tickets on shelves, the store owners changed an average of 1800 tickets per catalogue, with about 3 employees tasked with the role of changing the tickets. The wages dollar amount per catalogue for the first store was reported as $400, $2090.75 and $1,800 for the second and third store, respectively. In all stores there was also a loss made on business hours, man power and sheets of papers.

The owners of the stores expressed the need for an alternative approach to the paper-based ticketing system, primarily due to the amount of time, financial cost and human resources invested.

Replacing the paper tickets with an alternative paperless solution would not only reduce the cost of labour and time spent changing the tickets but would also translate to further savings by reducing the number of employees needed in-store. Considering the responses of how the stores could reduce wages by reducing the number of employees, given that the ticketing process is time-consuming, it is determined that a paperless ticketing system would be extremely useful. This is an alternative that RAPIDtech Solutions offer, with an emphasis on helping companies boost productivity and save money, improve their customer service, and reduce paper wastage and ongoing printing costs. 

Feedback from Stores on current ticketing


RAPIDtags electronic shelf labels

Intrigued by new and emerging technology, the store owner wanted to trial our electronic shelf label system, RAPIDtags, to see if it could provide the cost savings they were after. Not only could they save money on labour but they would also reduce, printing and paper costs. By utilising RAPIDtags they would also benefit by increasing accuracy of their pricing at shelf level and eliminating mistakes made by staff having to change labels every 2 weeks, sorting through 1000s of products each time.

RAPIDtags run on e-ink technology by only using battery power when changing the price. This would allow them to change the price once per day for up to 5 years.

Priceline Swisse

swisse bay trial

It was decided that RAPIDtags would be setup on a trial basis for their Swisse Vitamin bay initially to test the functionality of the electronic labels. Starting off with a small number of products and manually updating the pricing when required from the RAPIDtags software, whilst developing the integration with their FRED point of sale system to ultimately achieve full store automation.

Once RAPIDtags was integrated with the stores software it has become completely autonomous. This meaning that head office can send out new pricing overnight to the stores POS system, which in turns passes it through to RAPIDtags server and sends pricing directly to the shelf, there is no staff required to modify any labels at all throughout the whole store.

As the RAPIDtags display is completely customizable and can show data in options of black/white/red and black/white and yellow this was perfect for their fortnightly catalogues as they could show their everyday pricing in black/white, promotions in white/red, and end of life products or local store promotions in yellow/black.


The store owner was very happy with the initial 6-month trial in the Swisse Vitamins bay and successful integration of the RapidTags software with the FRED point of sale software which allowed full automation and updating of the electronic shelf labels. With an estimated savings of 17 hours per catalogue which equates to nearly $3000 per month Infiniti group has decided to proceed with a full store fit-out with over 8000 electronic shelf labels due for installation in July 2019. This will allow his staff to improve customer service and spend time on marketing as they’re no longer tasked with the changing of paper-based ticketing system.