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Engage your clients and customers with seamless, next-generation digital signage technology

RAPIDsigns is a digital signage solution for brands who want to tell their story in a dynamic and engaging way while revilatising their client-customer experience. Boasting fully integrated and user-friendly cloud-based software, RAPIDsigns enables you to get your brand's visual presence instantly sorted.

Designing scheduling and managing your digital displays through RAPIDsigns is time efficient, hassle-free and the perfect fit for any modern office or business

How RAPIDsigns Digital Signage Solutions Bring Brand Stories To Life

How can your brand story come to life?  RAPIDsigns next-generation software uses powerful, state-of-the-art technology that is easy for you to use and manage – from visual conception to execution.

Rapidsigns: Digital signage Features

Upload Multiple Formats

Display different file formats and types of digital media. Easily upload and store videos, images, PDFs or Microsoft Office files. Play YouTube, live video stream or present a web page.


Your videos adapt for precision playback. Your website pages will auto-fit to accommodate any screen resolution and your animation will move seamlessly.

File Security

High-level file and software protection ensures your content is safe. This includes schedule files, SSL, firewall and password policies.

Customised Design

Create and upload widgets, HTML, JavaScript apps or design elements straight onto your display to present key information in real time.

Simple Set Up

Plug And Play

Just plug in your playbox, and it will automatically connect to an internet connection and startup, preconfigured with your settings.

One to 1,000 in a Flash

Thanks to effortless cloud technology, you can either manage a single display or scale up to ten, one hundred or one thousand if and when you need.

Choose your connection

Our software supports Ethernet and Wi-Fi networks including proxies, static IPs and more. You can even add a 3G/4G/LTE dongle and go mobile - it’s up to you.

Playbox Included

You will receive a high performing RAPIDsign playbox for free by signing up to an annual plan.

Easy to Manage

Intuitive user interface

RAPIDsigns has a simple, yet comprehensive management portal where you can handle all of your screens - no lengthy training or tutorials needed.

Drag-and-Drop editing

Use Show Editor to break free from standard layouts and simple, full-screen views. Design visually stunning layouts that transform your content.

Mobile Ready

Access the RAPIDsign portal from your mobile. You can conveniently check on the status of your screens or upload content from the palm of your hand.

Ongoing help and support

Got a question or concern? Our support team is there to assist you. Submit a ticket online, and you will be provided with help - no matter where you’re located

Rapidsigns solutions: explained

RAPIDsigns is a simple and engaging way to display your visual communications, providing you with the flexibility and versatility required to ensure your brand’s story and messages make an impact.

Upload Media
Create or upload files and web content to the portal management system, which displays on any screen.
Compile Playlists
Choose the media you wish to display one after the other, at predefined times, across your monitor network.
Insert Apps
Use widgets or apps to display key information such as an RSS feed, different time zones, real-time stock market updates and much more.
Creative Presentations
Combine your playlists, media and widgets to creatively present on one monitor or multiple.

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