Electronic Shelf Labels

Revitalise Your In-store Experience

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Welcome to RAPIDtags:
electronic shelf labels

The wireless digital price tag system that improves accuracy, efficiency and in-store experience.

Replace your outdated paper-based pricing system and move your business into the future. RAPIDtags provide your business with a reliable, easy-to-use electronic shelf label (ESL) system that transforms your customer’s in-store experience while reducing your operating costs. Stop updating pricing and start selling with live a live connection to your existing point of sale system.

Why Choose RAPIDtags?

Our electronic shelf label software is the business solution you’ve been looking for

Revitalise the in-store experience for your customer by providing more accurate pricing and product information. This wireless digital system is reliable, cost-effective and energy-efficient.

the benefits of electronic shelf labels

Unified Pricing

Centralised pricing and product management system that’s quick and easy to use, aligning your shelf price with POS database.

Improved Customer Service

Transform the way your business sells by improving product and price accuracy, customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Boost Productivity & Save Money

Ensure a high level of operational efficiency with a low-maintenance digital pricing and inventory system while keeping your labour and printing costs low.

Be Strategic

Quickly deliver dynamic sales and promotional activities to your customers, be informed by data and update your product information instantly.

Simple Stock Control

Easily keep track of your inventory and product information so you can manage all aspects of promotional pricing and shelf layout.


Designed to consider the changing retail landscape and the needs of savvy customers who want accurate, up-to-the-minute information.

Sleek, Modern Technology

Lightweight, yet durable design that’s wireless and easy to install with a fully customisable digital display.

Environmentally Friendly

Reduce paper wastage, ongoing printing costs and go 100% digital with an environmentally conscious solution.

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ESL label: discover the tech behind the price tag

A Scalable & Reliable Electronic Product Label System To Move Your Business Into The Future.

Electronic shelf labels (ESL) are an innovative digital framework, providing a flexible software interface, low power consumption and wireless sensor networks to improve your point-of-sale experience.

The ESL system comprises four elements: the software component, where data is collected from the POS system; the base station, where updated product information is sent wirelessly for distribution; the tags, which communicate product information clearly and accurately; and the handheld reader to conveniently check and update information.

ESL Software

This is a central point where the ESL system connects with your POS system, storing all of your product information. It transfers stored data to the base station for distribution.

ESL Base Station

The base station is your information hub, which electronically and wirelessly transmits data to your tags. It also detects battery status, fault notifications and network activity.

ESL Tags / Labels

The tags communicate price and product information. The display can be configured and customised and includes product information, stock level, prices and special prices, branding as well as barcodes and graphics.

ESL Handheld Reader

The handheld reader ensures your product data is accessible and manageable. It’s lightweight and used to readily diagnose label status or connect and disconnect a tag from the system.

Get the specs behind the tech

RAPIDtags use rich and highly contrasting dot matrix technology to create easy-to-read graphic displays. No matter what your in-store needs might be, there is a variety of superior-quality labels to choose from.

  • Dimensions: 38x45mm
  • Display: 28x28mm / 1.54in
  • Resolution: 152x152px: 120dpi
  • Colour: B/W & B/W/R
  • Weight: 32.2g
  • Dimensions: 66x36mm
  • Display: 48.1x20.1mm / 2.13inch
  • Resolution: 212x104px : 112dpi
  • Colour: B/W & B/W/R
  • Weight: 43g
  • Dimensions: 85.9x43mm
  • Display: 66.9x29.1mm / 2.9inch
  • Resolution: 296x128px : 120dpi
  • Colour: B/W & B/W/R
  • Weight: 46g
  • Dimensions: 99 x 85.5mm
  • Display: 85x63mm / 4.2inch
  • Resolution: 400x300px : 120dpi
  • Colour: B/W & B/W/R
  • Weight: 100g
  • Dimensions: 189x134mm
  • Display: 163x97mm : 7.5inch
  • Resolution: 640x384px : 100dpi
  • Colour: B/W & B/W/R
  • Weight: 236g

Global Specs.



Working Frequency




Transmit Power


Working Temperature

0-45c B/W : 0-35c B/W/R

Storage Temperature


Battery Life

3-5 Years

Battery Type

LithiumCR2477 (LT154A/C); LithiumCR2450

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