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The wireless product display system that improves accuracy, efficiency and in-store experience.

Replace your outdated paper-based pricing system and move your business into the future. RAPIDtags provide your business with a reliable, easy-to-use electronic shelf label (ESL) system that transforms your customer’s in-store experience while reducing your operating costs. Stop updating pricing and start selling with live a live connection to your existing point of sale system.

Why choose RAPIDtags?

From improved accuracy, reduced operational costs to environmental benefits, learn how this reliable and easy-to-use system will transform your processes.
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Discover our product range

Find the right RAPIDtag for your business, featuring low power consumption, customisable digital templates and sleek, yet durable designs.
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The Technology Behind The Tags

Understand how the wireless technology behind ESL works to be able to improve efficiencies across your business.
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Check out our recent projects

Take a look at some of our most recent projects and how we’ve been able to improve our clients’ systems and operating costs.
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Unified & Accurate Pricing

Keep your product information up-to-date with an automatic information management system that aligns shelf price in real time with your point of sale or back office database.

Modern, Wireless System

Conveniently manage your stock with contemporary, easy-to-use label technology that is sleek, lightweight and durable.

Simple Stock Control

Showcase your business agility by quickly and effectively responding to product supply and demand. Automate price matching and even show live stock on hand on the shelf.

Environmentally Friendly

Be an environmentally conscious business - reduce paper wastage, minimise ongoing printing costs and go 100% digital.

Boost Productivity & Save Money

Reduce staff labour and operating costs by centralising the management of your stock and pricing. Let your staff spend time selling and not updating pricing.

Improved Customer Service

Build and maintain trust with your customers by reducing price and product information errors, improving overall satisfaction and in-store experience.

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